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Phillip Thierman is a seasoned marketing professional with a specialization in promoting the arts and artists. With over 12 years of experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, and event planning, Thierman provides resources for artists, gallerists, and curators seeking to elevate their creative endeavors.

Thierman has worked on Art exhibitions such as "Chiaroscuro (2022)", "[rán] (2023)", and "Postcards From Utopia (2024)" hosted at the historic Phillipi Crest Community Club in Sarasota, Florida. We have worked with the New College of Florida Seniors on their thesis show "un/seen bodies (2023)". These experiences highlight our ability to understand the artistic vision of each exhibition and develop a comprehensive marketing plan, resulting in compelling campaigns that capture the essence of each exhibition.


Florida Emerging Artists is a dynamic platform dedicated to empowering emerging artists across the Sunshine State. Since its inception in 2022, the organization has become a vital resource for Florida's artistic community. Florida Emerging Artists keeps artists informed about available calls to art, upcoming art exhibitions, and showcases the work of emerging artists in Florida.

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