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Ormond Beach Art Walk Call to Art

Ormond Beach Art Walk Call to Art Flyer

An Artist-Gallery contract with Frame of Mind Art Gallery provides the artist the right to an individual showcase of original artwork in the gallery for a period of up to four weeks.
Ormond Beach Call to Art


Saturday, November 30, 2024

Artist-Gallery Contract

Frame of Mind Art Gallery reserves the right to reject selected works if they do not meet the agreement requirements. The gallery will take reasonable measures to protect artwork but is not liable for damages.

The following commission/payment terms will apply to each consigned artwork sold by Frame of Mind Art Gallery: A flat fee of $350 will be charged for gallery space rental, hanging services, and other mentioned services. A 30% commission will be deducted for Frame of Mind Art Gallery, and the remaining 70% will be paid to the artist for ALL ARTWORK AND PRINT sales from the gallery.

By paying a nonrefundable deposit and accepting payment, both parties agree to the commission and agreement terms.

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